We believe that when we combine the power of out individual sparks, we can illuminate the world. Our Spark Change Ambassadors have a strong desire to serve their communities through awareness, service, and fundraising. 

They are on a mission to change the world one initiative at a time...

as they bring awareness through their personal networks, lead small volunteer teams, and raise fund for a variety of causes. 


If you have any questions or would like to discuss if they Spark Change Ambassador Program is right for you, please reach out to us at info@glowtogetherfoundation.com

Spark Change Ambassadors

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As a Spark Change Ambassadors, you will be connected to a community of like-minded servant leaders from across the country and access to free trainings and development opportunities all while serving your community and making a real difference. 

Additionally, you will receive special offers from our partner, The GLOW Movement, and promotional pricing for tickets to all of our events. 


 - The Spark Change Ambassador Program take on initiatives voted on by the Ambassadors.

- Ambassadors participate in monthly video calls to help plan, strategize, and vote for causes they wish to support.

- Our program hosts occasional online trainings to better equip our Ambassadors on how to tackle serious issues.

- Ambassadors bring awareness to each initiative by sharing with their network and online platforms.

- Ambassadors lead and inspire small teams (ranging in size from 2-200) to serve their local community in a variety of volunteer projects.

- Each Ambassadors participate in creative and fun fundraisers to support their favorite causes in ways that also inspire their communities.

- Ambassadors must be and remain in good standing within the community.

- Our Ambassadors represent a variety of inspiring and empowering leaders of all ages and genders. 

(If under the age of 18, a legal guardian must sponsor the Ambassador as we take on very intense and real issues.)

- Ambassadors make an annual donation of $50.00 to support the mission of the GLOW Together Foundation, Inc. 

(As a 501(c)3 all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law per individua.)


Growth - what personal growth will the applicant benefit from becoming an Ambassador?

Commitment - what is the applicant's personal commitment to growing as a servant leader and to inspiring others to grow as leader of worth, GLOW?

Impact - how will the applicant serve the mission of changing the world one initiative at a time?

Leadership/Community - how is the applicant inspiring others and creating community involvement?

Brand Ambassador - is the applicant aligned with the GLOW Together Foundation's mission and brand?