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Congratulations 2021 Scholarship Recipients

We are so excited to announce that Lauren Avery Wallace, Makena Phillips, and Michael Caney Junior, were selected as this year's scholarship recipients.


Please help us celebrate as all three of these incredible servant leaders are dedicated to not only their own personal growth, but investing in their communities as well. It is truly an honor to be a small part of their phenomenal journeys.

"For our success to be real... its must contribute to the success of others." - Eleanor Roosevelt


Our mission is to not only empower and inspire leaders, but to invest in future leaders. Each of the Spark Change Initiative Scholarship Recipients were selected because of their commitment to their own personal growth and their servant hearts to inspire and invest in others.

One of our recipients will be awarded with the People's Choice Award, which will be determined by the most number of votes. Every $1.00 you donate equals 1 vote. The finalist with the most votes will receive 50% of the total funds raised and the other 50% will go toward next year's scholarship. (The VOTING WINDOW is between June 1st - June 30th. Any votes outside that window will not be counted.)

Meet Our Incredible Recipients...

Lauren Wallace

Organization/Program: Knyja Gadson, Communication Consulting

Confidence and Public Speaking Coaching Sessions

Lauren is a dedicated advocate for adoption and foster care awareness and is so excited to use the funds from the Spark Change Initiative Scholarship to invest in her public speaking and communication skills and confidence.

"Learning to be a better communicator will help me in all walks of life, especially as someone who strives to be a leader in my school and my community. By improving my public speaking skills, I will be able to better advocate for my platform and the organizations that I work with."

What does SPARK CHANGE mean to Lauren?

"It only takes a spark to get a fire burning! When one person has a passion for something, they can share with others and coming together, we can make a bigger difference in the world."

Makena Phillips

Organization/Program: Colorado Voice Studios - Songwriting for Beginners Songwriting 201 and STEM-X Middle School Summer Program

(3D Design and Next Step Robotics)

Makena is so excited to use the funds from the Spark Change Initiative Scholarship to invest in both her love for art AND science. When applying she was so encouraged when she didn't have to choose one over the other, but that the GLOW Getter Foundation was designed to empower her to do both!

"Getting to participate in both of these programs will allow me to combine both my creative and innovative thinking to serve my community. I like to volunteer and by sharing my experiences I hope to inspire other girls to explore all the incredible things that interests them."

What does SPARK CHANGE mean to Makena?

"Everything you do needs a spark to begin with, whether that is a creative spark, an inspirational spark, or an innovative spark. With songwriting and STEM, I hope to help fuel not only my spark, but help others to grow their spark too."

Michael Caney Jr.

Organization/Program: Parker Walbeck's Full Time Filmmaker Premium Course

Michael is the founder and owner of MCJ Media and is a professional photographer and videographer. He is excited to use the funds from the Spark Change Initiative Scholarship to continue to invest in his skills and elevate himself to the next level with this extensive filmmaking course.

"This program will help me discover new ways to create and help those around me tell their story. I want to use my passion for video, photo, and people to help others grow, an thus help me grow into a Hollywood movie director or cinematographer for big production companies."

What does SPARK CHANGE mean to Michael?

"Spark change is how someone can change the world. Everyone is born with different gifts and talents and abilities. If we recognize them early enough, they have they true opportunity to change the world."


Please consider supporting the Spark Change Initiative Scholarship Recipients and the GLOW Together Foundation by casting your vote for the People's Choice Award. For more details and to cast your vote visit here. Voting closes June 30th, 2021 and the winner will be announced July 9th, 2021.

The GLOW Together Foundation, Inc. (formally known as the GLOW Getter Foundation, Inc.) is a registered 501(c)3. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law per individual. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your donation.

Thank you for supporting our mission to grow leaders of worth, so they may grow and GLOW!


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