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Empowering Girls Initiative

The Spark Change Ambassadors of the GLOW Together Foundation were so excited to pour into the STRONG, SMART, and BOLD girls at Girls Inc.

Initiative Details

In honor of Women Empowerment Month, the Spark Change Ambassadors were so excited to pour into little women and future leaders. This particular initiative, was especially close to my heart, as I have the pleasure of serving as a volunteer, advocate and champion throughout the year for Girls Inc. of Chattanooga, and getting to lock arms with my fellow Ambassadors to bring awareness to this incredible organizations was such a blessing.

"Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold."

Personal Branding + Personal Power

Girls Inc. of Chattanooga's SPRING BREAK CAMP theme this year was "GIRL TALK," and focused on teaching girls strong, smart, and bold ways to interact with and use social media to make change. I was offered the opportunity to share with these "inspiring influencers." the power of their personal brand.

Together we focused on...

  • the importance of your values and leading with authenticity.

  • self love through self awareness and learning to know, like, and trust yourself.

  • understanding that we all have influence and have the power to make a difference

The girls took what they learned during our session, and spent the afternoon creating these amazing and beautiful vision/brand boards.

"Girls with dreams become women with vision!"

If you are interested in advocating for young women and supporting the mission of this incredible organization, you can do so by becoming a social ambassador.

"Girls Inc. invites you to spread our message. You can amplify our story on social media and share why you believe in the mission of Girls Inc. This is a simple way to support and get involved with our work."

It can be a simple as dedicating 5 minutes every week on social media to share about the amazing work they do to serve young girls. You can start by following or subscribing to their social media accounts, and learning more here.


The Spark Change Ambassadors were so excited to bring awareness to this amazing organization, and it was such an honor to spend time with these phenomenal young women. We all firmly believed empowered women empower women, and not only did we get to inspire these amazing young women, but they inspired us to be strong, smart, and bold.

If you are interested in joining this incredible team and becoming a Spark Change Ambassadors, please click here to learn more and to complete your application. If you have any questions or would like to discuss if the Spark Change Ambassador Program is right for you, please email us at


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