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Spark Change Ambassadors' Program - LAUNCH

We are so excited to have launched our Spark Change Ambassadors' Program. Our ambassadors are from all across the country and have a strong desire to serve their communities through awareness, service, and fundraising.

Program Purpose

We believe that when we combine the power of our individual sparks, we can illuminate the world.

Our Spark Change Ambassadors share a passion for serving their communities, advocating and bringing awareness to a variety of causes, and changing the world one initiative at a time... TOGETHER!

Ambassadors' Mission

They are on a mission to spark change by bringing awareness through their personal networks, leading small volunteer teams, and raising funds for a variety of causes. Each month we focus on a new initiative, voted on by our ambassadors, and come together to each do our small part and thus making a huge impact.

All of our ambassadors are such phenomenal servant leaders and each made it their personal mission to empower, inspire, and invest in others. This is the heart beat of the GLOW Together Foundation, and we feel so incredibly blessed to be able to grow and GLOW with these amazing leaders.

If you are interested in joining this incredible team and becoming a Spark Change Ambassadors, please click here to learn more and to complete your application. If you have any questions or would like to discuss if the Spark Change Ambassador Program is right for you, please email us at


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